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2 hours ago

Where You Can Buy Made in America Building Products

In Bozeman, Montana, Anders Lewendal is hard at work building a home he hopes will be a blueprint for creating jobs in America.

Lewendal, an economist turned builder, is constructing a house made entirely from American-made products. Everything from the nails, screws and bolts, to the steel, staples and bathtub is made in the United States.

In all there are more than 120 products from more than 33 states. However, the builders do acknowledge that using American products can be more expensive.

A box of nails is $5 more than those made in China and steel is $146 more a bundle. Even though certain goods are more expensive, in total, the cost of the house is nearly identical. Currently, the all-American home, which is not yet finished

8 hours ago

Search Engine Marketing Gives Global Exposure To Our Business

Search engine marketing is a kind of internet marketing that increases the traffic to an organizations website. In other words, it is popular as SEM in the internet world. It provides global exposure to any organization right from small to big organization. So, this is the best marketing for a small or local business because it helps in making their business global. In addition to it, it provides great exposure to small organizations. It includes many marketing strategies, such as video marketing, article marketing, marketing through facebook, marketing through twitter, and so on.

The thing we should know about it is how it works and how it plays an important role in getting more and more traffic to the website of an organization. Therefore, we must know about search engine optimization for knowing it properly. It is necessary for this marketing as it increases the page rank of a website in search engine, such as Google, yahoo, and so on. It helps in incorporating keywords, terms, and phrases. When someone places those keywords, terms, and phrases into a search engine, such as Google, and yahoo, the websites related to those keywords, terms, and phrases appears on the top of the result list. Thus, SEO plays a significant role in this marketing.

Apart from it, the keywords play a crucial role in this marketing. The people always search the things by placing keywords in search engines. Therefore, they need to be optimized in search engines. We should only use those keywords in our websites that suit our products. In other words, we should use keywords by keeping our target customers in mind. These days, people use search engines a lot. Whatever they want to find, they just type the keyword into search engines. It is the best way to find websites for them. The reason is that it saves their time. Therefore, it is time saving marketing. Moreover, it is flexible as any organization can reach their target audience easily.

Search engine marketing is very cost effective as you dont need to spend more money on it. Therefore, even a small company is using this for growing its business. In the world, millions of money is spent on the direct marketing. But it is effective and long term marketing. Every small and big organization can benefit form this niche marketing. The reason is that you can get more benefits by investing less money.

8 hours ago

Basement Conversion by Joanna Harris

Basement is the bonus space you can have in your house. Once you settle in your house with kids and lots of paraphernalia needed for living, house seems cramped. If you have basement in your house, you can get it converted into a wonderful, livable and useful space. If you dream of large spaces like large kitchens, large bathrooms, gym, family room or teenager's room, you can accomplish that with a basement conversion project. Many people, who believe in lavish lifestyle, can go for indoor swimming pool or entertainment area. These are just few suggestions but you have to assess your own requirements of space.

By basement conversion, you can have one room converted to a full apartment. It all depends upon your requirements and budget. Families who need space but do not want to move to other properties can make use of their basement space. Though all the houses can have basement, supporting tall and narrow houses is a problem. Foundation needs to be strengthened for digging a basement.

Converting a basement is an expensive project and it also depends upon the part of the country you are living. Adding a useful basement space in your house, actually, enhances the value of your property. While you sell your property, it will fetch more prices and you will recover all the costs of conversion.

While digging basement in an existing building, you will have to take certain precautions. To avoid vibrations in building, this should be done partly with hands. Also, it will be quite difficult to take heavy equipments under the ground. Most of the times, builders enter the basement through the front room. After digging each one square meter, house is supported at steels and props.

Waterproofing of the basement is very important task as the success of the whole project depends upon this. Modern basements do have damp-proofing to solve this issue. This involves creating a gap between the actual wall and the waterproof membrane. Water is made to pass through these two walls to a drainage channel in the floor of the basement. From there, it is redirected into the waste water system. This system needs yearly maintenance and replacement of pipes after every eight to ten years. And when humidity reaches certain level, you need to have good ventilation using airbricks, windows and mechanical extractor.

Before going for basement conversion, you need to have approval from Building regulations department. But yes, if you already have a cellar, you need not have any planning permission. Remember to talk to your neighbours before starting the work as you need to have party-wall agreements.

20 hours ago

20 Essential Search Engine Optimization Tips for Small Business Owners

Matt Cutts, Google's most visible search engine optimization guru, has said there are more than 200 variables in the Google algorithm. Don't expect to find an explanation of all 200 here -- because I don't know them. (That's why Google is full of Ph.Ds.) But I have helped a number of Websites get to the No. 1 search result. How? By following simple rules. What I have learned about Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines over the last 15 years could fill my Starbucks Venti cup. Lots of so-called SEO experts will swear they know

2 days ago

Liquipel Will Waterproof Your Phone With This Invisible Film

What's white and wet and still works all over? A white iPhone! If it has a Liquipel case, that is.

This "case" consists of a waterproof "nano coating" that permanently bonds to the phone's surface to keep it functioning normally even underwater, according to Liquipel.

According to Cult of Mac, Liquipel doesn't just protect your phone from rain or random splashes, it permeates every nook and cranny in the hardware to for total H2O immersion without any damage. On their website, the folks at Liquipel are quick to point out that this doesn't mean you can take your phone swimming. The coating, which is 1000 times thinner than a human hair, is meant to protect against "rain, spills, baby drool and short term submersion such as the sink or toilet."

We haven't actually tried it, but if it works this could be huge, and not just for our wallets. Liquipel will likely make a bundle, if the company succeeds in its reported goal of licensing its technology to smartphone makers, a move that would undoubtedly be applauded by consumers, as it would be mean that phones could be waterproofed during assembly and not as an aftermarket add-on.

As it is, you have to send your phone to Liquipel in order for the coating to be applied. Waterproofing costs $59 and takes 1-2 days. At the time of this writing, the store was down due to "overwhelming response." Liquipel is offering 15 percent off as an apology for the inconvenience. The coating can currently be applied to certain models of the iPhone, as well as some phones from HTC, Samsung, and Motorola.

Liquipel isn't the only company attempting to win the war on water. Utah firm HzO won the 2012 Innovations Design and Engineering Award at CES for its WaterBlock technology which, like Liquipel, is applied via vapor deposition. Basically, a phone is placed in a sealed chamber and a gas is introduced into the chamber and builds up on the phone in a film. The thickness of the coating is controlled by the amount of gas that is let into the chamber. WaterBlock is not currently available to consumers.

Waterproofing was huge at this year's Consumer Electronics Show where liquid friendly offerings included a bevy of smartphones and tablets, including AT&T's Pantech Element, which can reportedly spend 30 minutes underneath one meter of water without any ill effects.

2 days ago

Damp Proof Course

If your home needs a damp proof course you should call in the help of an expert.

Very often , what you believe to be a damp issue in your home could actually just be as simple as condensation, but without an expert opinion you could be wasting your hard earned cash on something you actually don't need to.

If your existing damp proof course has failed it could be because you have recently raised the ground level outside, for example, or possibly the level of your internal floors, both of these can cause you to suffer from rising damp.

You will often find in some older type buildings there was probably never was a damp proof course in the first place.

A variety of h

2 days ago

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

search engine optimization chalkboard ss 1920

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for "search engine optimization." It is the process of getting traffic from the "free," "organic," "editorial"

3 days ago

Is Globalization a New Phenomenon?

In recent years, the term globalization has become a common topic of discussion in academic circles across the world. Amidst these discussions, many people are inclined to assert that globalization is a new phenomenon--the fruits of a postmodernist generation's labor of advancing technology in order to bridge gaps that were previously unavoidable. For essentially, by insinuating that the current generation has constructed the 'age of globalization,' scholars are able to validate that this generation has made a distinguishing contribution to society--a contribution that allows liberal ideologues to salivate at the possibility of a society that abolishes the nation-state in order to unify unde

4 days ago

Weather Proofing Any Apartment

Anybody who lives in an apartment recognizes that attempting to keep your apartment cozy inside the winter may be pricey and miserable. This can be even harder to fix if the apartment has an unfastened door or those single-pane aluminum windows. This robs you of not just your heat but your tough earned money as well.

One straightforward thing to do is to begin by insulating those older windows. If have curtains or blinds then attempt to keep them closed to aid maintain the comfortable air in and also the cool air out. These can offer an additional layer of insulation and assist maintain save energy heating your apartment.

An additional tip would be to use blankets or comforters to cover those windows that face the wind.

You may also have difficulties with condensation on your windows. Simply place a towel at the base of the window so you are able to sop up the moisture just before it makes a mess. Merely replace it once it gets soaked.

One more typical way you lose your heat is by way of your doors. It's common for front doors to close and leave gaps around the door frame, specifically on the bottom. A simple fix is to pick up those draft guards that fit under the door. You are able to discover these at any hardware or property improvement center near your apartment. Should you have a basement door or a crawl space it's a great concept to also insulate there. And, in case you install some easy foam weather stripping around the front door you'll be surprised how much a distinction that can make.

By following these basic actions you'll make your apartment much more comfy and save some funds on your energy bills. These are just a couple of ideas on saving energy costs - be positive to look for other ways you can save a small funds and keep your apartment warm this winter.

4 days ago

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Automatic emergency braking can help prevent car crashes or reduce their severity by...

The agreement announced today affects nearly all light-duty cars and trucks with a...

This agreement will expedite automatic emergency braking standards three years faster...

Every time a new safety technology becomes standard on modern cars it adds to the costs...


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