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Neverwet Spray Promises to Waterproof Almost Anything

You spill red wine all over the couch, but it doesn't seep into the fabric or leave a stain -- instead it just drips right off. You step in a puddle of water with boots and the water just repels off. A phone, after being dipped in water, doesn't shut off -- beads of liquid roll o the ground.

Watch the Neverwet waterproof spray in action.

It almost sounds like a science experiment, but it's now a reality in a $20 box at Home Depot. Rust-Oleum's NeverWet is exactly what it says it is: a solution that promises that your fabrics and surfaces never get wet. You don't need to bring your bags or placemats or boots to the store, either. According to the company, after the two-step spray process, which requires a short wait time before exposure to water, your items will be completely water-repellant.

Developed by Ross Nanotechnology, the patent pending silicon-based coating repels liquids with a high 165 degree contact angle that is created when it is applied. The angle is higher than ones created by car wax or waterproof shoe spray. Rust-Oleum licensed the technology and optimized it for consumer use.

"It's like putting a marble on glass -- it would just roll right off," Jim Stinner, vice president of marketing for Rust-Oleum,told ABC News. "With traditional waterproofers, the water would sit on the surface. Here it shoots off."

In a marketing video, Rust-Oleum has shown that a shirt and pair of sneakers both coated with the substance can repel chocolate spread or a cardboard box coated with it can stay intact when cold ice and beers are poured in. The company says it works best on metal, wood, concrete, aluminum, and most plastics.

Wet Phone? How To Dry Out Your Phone and Waterproof It

"Almost any surface you can think of you can put the coating on and it will never get wet," Stinner explained. "We've tested it with so many different objects and a bunch of different fluids to show what it can do."

Still, there are some objects that Rust-Oleum doesn't advise the solution be used on. Despite showing clothing in the videos, it doesn't recommend that people use the solution on clothing, though fabrics are fine. Additionally, while an iPhone is shown in a few user demonstration videos, the company doesn't suggest applying it to electronics right now.

Ashley Lehrmann, senior director of brand management for Rust-Oleum,says that electronics such as the iPhone and other smartphones require a bit more user precision. A company named Liquipel offers a similar service. A coating applied to phones by the company, which isn't visible to the naked eye, repels water. It requires you send the phone to the company for the treatment, however.

But it might not be too long before your phone is also never wet. "There will be a different version at some point in the future that is more suited for that," Stinner said.


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Driverless taxi on Seoul campus offers glimpse of future

A South Korean university is testing a sedan that can pick up and transport passengers without a human driver, giving a glimpse into the future of autonomous public transport.

Seo Seung-Woo, director of the Intelligent Vehicle IT Research Center at Seoul National University, said the university has been testing the driverless taxi to transport disabled students around campus.

The vehicle, called Snuber, has been navigating the 4,109 square meter (44,200 square foot) campus for the past six months without any accidents. It works in conjunction with a hailing app created by the university.

Companies around the world are betting that automated driving technology will transform public transportation.

In Japan, a company called Robot Taxi Inc. plans to offer a full commercial service in 2020. In Greece, driverless buses called CityMobil2 have been tested in real traffic. General Motors Co. said Monday it is investing $500 million in ride-hailing company Lyft Inc. and forming a partnership that could eventually lead to on-demand, self-driving cars.

South Korean companies, however, have been slow to embrace the self-driving technology. The country's largest carmaker, Hyundai Motor Co., said it expects to roll out a fully automated car in 2030. Only this month, Samsung Electronics created a team to focus on autonomous driving.

On the campus of Seoul National University, many heads turn as the grey sedan passes. It has turret on its roof with devices that scan road conditions. Seo's team outfitted the Genesis sedan with a camera, laser scanners and other sensors.

For now, due to regulations banning autonomous vehicles on the roads, a driver is behind the steering wheel and can override the automation in emergency situations.

The car cannot travel faster than 30 kilometers per hour (18.6 miles per hour) because of the speed limit on campus. There are no full traffic lights but researchers have programmed Snuber to navigate around other challenges.

The vehicle applies a brake pedal at a red stop sign and at a pedestrian crosswalk. When another vehicle stops in the middle of the road, the automated sedan will scan the other lanes to detect vehicles traveling from the opposite direction. If there are no other vehicles, the Snuber moves into the oncoming lane to pass the vehicle.

However, it is not yet ready for use outside the relatively controlled campus environment.

"It will take a huge amount of time and effort," said Seo. "We need more tests in real traffic conditions."

He said in early 2020, a driverless car will be running between tollgates on highways. A door-to-door pickup service using a self-driving car is likely in early 2030, he said.

Experts said such services have the potential to change delivery businesses, not only mass transport.


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Research and Markets: Turbines & Turbine Generator Sets - Global Strategic Business Report Profiles 154 Companies Including Many Key and Niche Players

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Important Things You Should Know About Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete by itself is not waterproof in nature, it is porous. Water seepage may cause damage to the construction leading to money losses, besides other inconveniences. Thus, waterproofing the concrete is a must for any building.

What is Concrete?

It is a construction material composed of cement, water, aggregates, reinforcing materials, chemical and mineral admixtures. The aggregates include sand and gravel, while the reinforcing material is mostly the metal bars. Glass and plastic fibers can also be used as reinforcements. Chemical admixtures add special characteristics to the plain concrete. Mineral admixtures are added to improve its strength. These can also be use

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Waterproofing Johannesburg | Roof Waterproofing & Damp Proofing JHB

Waterproofing in Johannesburg is a must. With unexpected heavy highveld showers and months of winter frost, damp can easily spread if there is a leak. As part of the numerous home improvement services that we at Paint Pros offer, damp proofing or roof waterproofing in Johannesburg is a very important one. Did you know we also do wooden decks? Give us a call to get a quote on wooden decking in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Our waterproofing service in Johannesburg includes the use of fillers, primers, repellents, sealers and membranes, either used together or separately. All of these components play an incredibly important role in the effectiveness of the waterproofing. Creating a barrier is the focus of these components when they are being used properly.

The importance of waterproofing your home

Flooding is actually the one thing that causes the most damage to homes, water damage actually overtakes fire damage. Flooding, mold and water damage are all easily preventable when you use either waterproofing or damp proofing in Johannesburg. Lessen the possibility of any further damage to your home or roof, by getting roof waterproofing done by PaintPros.