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3 days ago

Home Improvement :: The Ways in Which Damp Can Affect Houses

It is important to be aware that there are different types of dampness with each having a different solutions. The types of dampness that you might find in your home are:

Rising Damp

Rising Damp is caused by moisture rising up through porous masonry and is usually found in older buildings constructed without a damp proof course or where the existing damp proof course has failed or has been bridged. Moisture carries with it soluble ground salts, including nitrates and chlorides, which can be deposited into the masonry as rising damp evaporates. The effects of long term rising damp on your home can take the form of low level decorative spoiling and staining of paintwork and wall papers, plaster damage and salt contamination as well as the decay of timber skirtings, joinery and structural floor timbers. Rising damp is the result of capillary moisture and will therefore never take the form of 'free surface moisture' or 'water droplets' on a wall.

Remedial treatment of rising damp would normally involve the introduction of a chemical injection damp proof course using liquid silicone based materials or injectable 'mortar based' grouts. Severe dampness will also result in plaster damage and contamination and therefore replastering of the walls is generally required to provide a dry 'non-spoiling' decorative finish and to complete the system of damp control. The new plasterwork has an important function to perform and must be able to prevent hygroscopic salts passing to the surface from the underlying masonry substrate.

Lateral penetrating dampness

Lateral penetrating dampness normally occurs on external walls where the external ground levels are at a higher level than the internal floors and as a consequence dampness penetrates the walls fabric. A typical example of lateral dampness is in a basement where external walls are built against the external (subterranean) ground. Other causes of lateral dampness can be due to raised gardens and soil levels, flower beds, abutting garden walls, paths and pavements.

Methods of controlling penetrating dampness below ground level would depend mainly on the proposed use and the level of dryness required. Vertical waterproofing or tanking can take different forms and when applied correctly can provide dry walls & floors by either using cementitious slurries, water proof render systems or cavity drainage membranes.

Vertical penetrating dampness

Vertical penetrating dampness is caused by building defects and poor building maintenance. Roof defects, leaking, blocked guttering and downpipes, will contribute to the most common causes of dampness and are proven to be responsible for a high percentage of dry rot attacks caused on buildings.

Cracked rendering, defective pointing, external coatings and blocked cavities, along with inadequate window and door sealants are also responsible for moisture ingress, along with internal plumbing defects and poor external drainage.

3 weeks ago

SEO Expert in Athens, Greece

Lighthouse e-Commerce & e-Marketing, Athens, Greece (

Agency's SEO Expert, giving SEO specifications for the product development of the agency's core product VENDD (enterprise e-commerce platform). Supervising all digital productions to make sure they follow SEO best practices, and digital marketing plans to best meet clients' SEO needs and next steps.

Guide clients and Project Managers regarding the e-shop information architecture after keyword research and analysis, Web Designers for proper mockup structuring, Front-End Developers regarding HTML5 best practices, Back-End Developers regarding what dynamic data should be delivered in each element/tag, Core Developers about algorithms and database business logics/needs. Work along with digital marketing team, in order to give proper consulting to clients, and with social media team regarding content marketing.

Product owner of Digital Analytics and other digital tools, implementing Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, AdWords Conversion Tracking / Remarketing, Facebook Conversion Tracking / Remarketing, A/B Testings, and other digital tools.

Sample/Key projects

1. Media Strom (2016),

The Greek sleep experts Media Strom with over 111 sales points and many happy customers reinforced their collaboration with Lighthouse.

2. Migato (2015),

Migato with the large collection teams up with Lighthouse with the big ideas, for steady forward web steps.

3. Jumbo e-shop (2014),

The Greek leading retail stores chose Lighthouse e-commerce platform to boost on line shopping in Greece, Cyprus, Romania.

4. Intersport Greece (2013),

Being entrusted by INTERSPORT, the leading sports equipment retailer worldwide, with the privilege of designing an e-shop capable of efficiently attending the needs and wants of its innumerable clients proved to be a rather exciting challenge.

5. Raxevsky (2012),

With more than 30 creative years in the global fashion field, RAXEVSKY has fairly conquered an elite position among the leading clothing production and trading companies in Greece.

6. BSB (2012),

BSB. Point of you. A global fashion brand, built its e-shop, for a worldwide retail reach. Browse through the collection and buy online your favorite clothes through this stylish e-shop, running on the VENDD Enterprise e-commerce platform.

3 weeks ago

5 Beginner Search Engine Optimization Hacks For Small Business Owners

There's no denying that Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a key skill to learn if you want to increase your small business's odds of being found online by potential customers. The higher your business ranks for keywords in your industry, the more customers will find your product--in fact over 70% of traffic for a keyword is generated through the top 5 SEO results.

While you could hire a digital marketing firm to assist you, there are some very simple things you can do to improve your website's search ranking yourself at a fraction of the cost--and with similar results. Here are 5 things you can do right now to make sure your website is easily found on search

3 weeks ago

Joanna Vaiou

SEO Greece Expert | Global SEO Services | Brand Reputation Manager Expert

Joanna Vaiou Quick Facts

Main Areas: Search Engine Optimization, SEO Training, Social Media SEO, SEO Audits, Web Analytics, CRO

Career Focus: Independent Consultant | Strategist | Tutor | Trainer

Joanna Vaiou is an SEO Expert Consultant from Greece with experience in internet marketin, seo and social media since March 2009!

After getting involved with self improvement training, courses and resources she managed to make a decision to start a whole new career in Internet Marketing starting from scratch. Self-coaching and self-improvement education was her supporting invisible mentor.

From 2013 and after, she offers independent consulting and training serices to individuals, coprporations and small businesses that want to know how to take advantage of what Search Engine Optimization (art or science) has to offer for a business's sustainability and accelerating growth.

Joanna can be also reached via plenty of contact avenues from which you can choose your favorite below.

SEO Services, Training and Educational Areas include:

Brand Reputation Management on top page of Google

OnSite SEO

OffSite SEO

Link Building

Content Marketing Tips

Google Analytics

Google WebMasterTools

Technical SEO Audits

Social Media SEO

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Overall Web Presence Optimization

4 weeks ago

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4 weeks ago

Gallery: 40 travel spots in South Korea

With these incredible travel spots throughout South Korea looking the way they do, it's kind of hard to understand why a whopping one-fifth of the country's population lives on top of each other in Seoul.

As glitzy and glittering as it is, the capital, after all, takes up less than one percent of the entire country.

To get this list of beautiful places, we asked veteran travel photographers who know the country from tip to spine to tail and who've been photographing Korean landscapes and people for decades.

Photographers Seo Heun Kang, Kim Bong-Sun and Im Jay-cheon shared their favorite spots around Korea. Three or four

4 weeks ago

Glen on HubPages

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I've been a hubber now for what, almost 6 years? Though I have been absent, missing in action even, for the last 12 months, and here I have popped up again, a self-described Children's Book Author. How did that happen?...

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